To dye for…

I love dyeing fabric. It is really fun and rewarding. Whenever I make a competition piece or a special project, I only work in my own hand dyed fabrics. I guess I’m spoiled, but commercial prints just don’t do it for me anymore.  Typically, I work in 100% cotton and I use ProChemical dyes.

For the last few years ProChem has been at the Houston International Quilt Festival and I was able to meet one of the chemists. Whatever lame question I had, she answered without hesitation and gave me a straightforward answer.  that’s refreshing because I am a self taught dyer.
I dyed a stack of fabric this last weekend using the low water immersion technique from the Prochem Website. I got some amazing results. My main goal was to create fabrics that would be used as color gradients… I love the rainbow I made…I did a bunch of rayon and corduroy for my mom too. Here is a corner of  one of the pieces of rayon…

The low water technique is very fun and you never know how it will tun out until you rinse.

I am dyeing some more fabric this weekend. Now I need to buy more dye. it’s a never ending technicolor cycle!


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