It’s beginning to look alot like…

Wow, the weather is changing and soon the holidays will be upon us! I can’t wait to carve pumpkins and get my Halloween costume ready… what’s that?… Halloween is over? Oh. OK…well then I guess it’s turkey time! Please save me a drumstick… what? Thanksgiving has already passed? You’ve got to be kidding me! Well, that only leaves Christmas and then New Year’s eve… wait that can’t be right. New Year’s eve implies that I have a limited time to accomplish the resolutions I lied to myself about making at the beginning of this year. Great, now I’m depressed… I need a cookie. Anyway… happy holidays or like, whatever….

On the lighter side of my anxieties, I received some wonderful millinery sinamay all the way from England!

It’s printed cheetah! I also got in some solid black.  I love working with sinamay. Even if you make a mistake, the results are amazing! I’ll post pics as soon as I make something with it. Also, I’ll post pics of my secret Santa results from my fiber design friends. What? Didn’t I tell you about that? Hmmmm….

Later ;P


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