The time has come…

Well, I finally did it… I started an Etsy page! Woo Hoo!

It includes my Men’s Ready to wear hats and a few of the Women’s couture hats.

Please shop till you drop!

G 🙂


Good things come to those who wait…

Hello all .07 of my readers! What a chaotic January this has been. Well, not really, I’ve just been lazy. Kinda…

I am getting ready to launch something amazing; well, amazing to me anyway. All will be revealed on January 24th.  I’m sorry I can’t give you all more information, but those of you who know me will be astonished that I actually got off my ass and did something.

On another note… I am trying to think of a new project to start for the year. Nothing too heavy or involved, but I need to get back on the fashion horse. I’ve been floating in a design malaise for the last few years, barely churning out any work at all. I’ve been thinking of a “design of the month”  kind of thing or making a dress a week…. dunno… any feedback? Well since the .03 people that read this blog NEVER comment, I guess not. And yes, I’m giving you a scowly face right now.


G 🙂