Ahhh, spring… hay fever, allergies (which I guess is the same thing) and, of course, spring cleaning, with its multiple trips to the dumpsters. I have been desperately trying to get my life in order. Order does not like me. There is no way in Hell that I have accumulated this much crap over the years; yet, there It is. Most of the crap is supplies for future sewing/design projects, but I have realized something. All I seem to be doing is rearranging my place to accommodate the crap that I keep saving for projects and never using the crap for said projects. I have a back catalog of failed attempts to create things. For someone who tries to be creative on a usual basis, this lack of focus and constant reminder that my life is in disarray sucks. What’s the solution? Hell if I know. I am trying to downsize my stash of crap to a manageable pile. My place is quickly starting to look like a very special episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive; although, to date, I have not found any dead animals or rotted fruit at my place, well, there was a dead roach on the floor of my pantry, but it was a very tiny roach and looked as if it were partially mummified, so that probably doesn’t count, right? I did have some slight success organizing my before mentioned pantry. It’s all clean and stuff.

To diminish the supplies, I have tried to give up a few crafts with alarmingly little success. Felting and I haven’t spoken for a while; it may be time to part ways, but every time I say “see ya” I think of a new project that I want to do and felting settles down for the winter. I don’t knit anymore but that doesn’t stop me from owning the world’s largest collection of knitting needles and yarn; although to be fair, I did give my sister a giant tub of yarn to donate to my niece’s kindergarten class for projects. I stopped screen printing, but the used and unused screens I have stored away loom over me like Poe’s raven.

I have a friend that calls and starts off every conversation by asking me what I am doing. Inevitably, the answer is always either cleaning or sewing. I am nothing if not predictable, maybe too predictable. So what’s the point of this rant? No clue. It just seems to make me feel less like a pathetic, disorganized slob if I tell random people about my storage issues. I will clean it up… or else… well, there is no ultimatum. I’m just tired of moving stuff around and not working on projects that I want to finish.

The whole point of this blog was to chronicle my adventures in craft. It’s been OK, but I really need to step it up. More pictures, more work, more finished projects… coming soon!


New Directions…

So, my Etsy shop has closed for the time being. Why? you may ask… or not care in the slightest…I closed my Etsy shop for personal reasons. Those who know me will undoubtedly know the answer.

I have decided to keep the shop and will reopen it later as a fabric supply store. I have more fabric than I will EVER use and need to send the multiple yards to the eager masses yearning to sew little things so they can sell them on Etsy. I know; it’s a vicious cycle.

G 🙂

All quiet on the western front…

Well, has it been that long already?  Wow, time flies when you are trying to look busy.  I am steadily working on the Quilt Festival entry. I almost gave up on it, but the gears of industry have been grinding along. I need to get organized, en atelier, so pics are not happening as well or as often as they should. As soon as “the thing” is complete, I will have to start on the preparations for the classes I will be teaching at the Quilt Fest this year. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves… QUIETLY.

G 🙂


Can you tell what this is a picture of?

I made the damn thing and even I’m not sure.  Well, it is part of  “the garment” <insert ‘here comes Godzilla’ music here> that I am making for the Quilt Show this year. It’s the under cup of the bodice.  It is a silk organza foundation with various beads and stones sewn on. It’s quite time consuming, but well worth the effort.

I’ll try to post some more pieces as they get complete.

G 🙂