How sad…

OK. I get it. The “creative” process is one journey best not taken while: A – sober;  B – sane;  C- not in the mood;  D – frustrated;  E – ANY of the above.

The Quilt Festival piece I have been working on and I have decided to break up. It was of mutual understanding and both parties are certain this is for the best. I don’t know if I want to get back into the sewing scene just yet. I don’t want my next project to be the rebound type. Sure, we’ll have lots of fun sewing and beading, but frankly, it will be crafting with impunity and we both know it won’t last. No… I think it’s best if I stay sewing single for now. I might be interested if a nice project comes along, but in the mean time, it’s a bachelor’s life for me.


One thought on “How sad…

  1. Ok…So…You and the Quilt Festival piece broke up, right? But…You still are going to present something there? About that
    I have to say: Since You are “single” now, You don’t have the “obligations” of a couple and because of that, You can participate of as many project orgies as You can to experiment….Right? You don’t own no explanations to the “lady bolero”…



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