You’re a doll…

First of all, I would like to apologize for the crappy picture. Secondly, I Have finished my Quilt Festival entry. Third, I finally get to relax a bit before I have to start class prep for November. I am taking June off from doing anything even remotely responsible.

 So, why the above picture? Well, Uncle Gilbert is helping out his mom by making some showpieces for an upcoming craft show that she and my sister are participating in. I still feel compelled to create; I just don’t want to have to fit anyone. Dolls are easy to dress and I can go nuts with all my weird design ideas without having to waste a lot of fabric in full scale. The picture is a quick drape in muslin on Olivia. She’s pretty. I’ll post real pictures of the finished looks as soon as they are done.

 On the subject of my Quilt Fest entry, its name is Rojaku. Rojaku is the final stage of performance development of the Noh actor, in which as an old man he eliminates all unnecessary action or sound in his performance, leaving only the true essence of the scene or action being imitated. I wanted to strip wearable art down to the basics. All of the surface design in my piece is VERY subtle. You have to get close to the garment to see the details. As soon as I can get a proper sketch done, I’ll post it.


One thought on “You’re a doll…

  1. Hi my name is Olivia, Uncle Gilbert!!!!Can you make a little dress for me too?????Like a 28W( The way I am eating in Brasil, only he size 28 W will fit)

    Kisses from The tropical country blessed by god and naturally beautiful,

    Ps: ( This is a verse from a song, I am not thaaaaaaaaaat cocky about Brazil)

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