Quilt Fest Classes

Hey there you lovely people you. Here are the classes I will be teaching this year at 2011 Houston Quilt Festival:

Wednesday, November 2nd: MAKE A MINI MAD-HATTER TOPPER! (Class# 336)


Step into Alice’s Wonderland to make a real showstopper! Make and trim a small-scale top hat using proper millinery techniques. The skills learned in this class can be translated into a full size hat. Knowledge of basic hand stitches is helpful. Millinery supplies will be provided.

 Supplies needed:

Sewing thread to match fabric, Thimble, Pins, Fabric scissors, Paper scissors, Paper and pencil to take notes, 1 yd 45 inch wide suiting or bottom weight fabric or thick cotton such as pique.

Class fee= 65$ (Class price) + 20$ (Material fee) + 8$ (Equipment fee) = 93$ Total

Anyone who might be worried about taking their hat home on an airplane: I am offering to ship your hats to you for $10.00. To keep this cost down, I will not be able to send anything else except your hat.


Check back to this site in the coming weeks to see some example of what we will be making in class.

Friday, November 4th: MAKE YOUR OWN HAT PATTERNS! (Class# 527)

Learn to draft patterns for a variety of hat shapes and styles. This class is a great introduction into the skill of patternmaking. Focus on three basic crown types, a basic brim and an easily adaptable visor. Construction and trimming will be discussed.

 Supplies needed:

Paper scissors, Compass (plastic or metal, get the school kind, not drafting calipers), Scotch Tape (one roll), 18” View-thru ruler (see picture). It’s not mentioned in the class catalog, but if you have a tape measure, bring it. If not, I’ll have a few available to use in class. Pencils, drafting paper and oak tag will be provided for you

Class fee= 65$ (Class price) + 12$ (Material fee) = 77$ Total

Please feel free to leave a comment to this post if you have any questions about either class.

To avoid confusion, below are pictures of some of the supplies you’ll need.


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