I’m back! Well, kinda…

Oh wow, is this thing on?

Hello happy folks! I am back with a new post that is sure to rock your socks, or at least mend the hole in the toe. Recently I have been trying to organize my life a bit. I’m failing miserably, by the way. The other day I said “screw it” and dyed some fabric that had been collecting dust. Here is the mess before the low immersion dye was started:

For some reason, I didn’t take pictures of the dyeing process. I must have inhaled too much dye powder to remember. (Just kidding about inhaling dye powder. I am so overtly cautious around the stuff that I wear a gas mask and goggles 🙂 )

I also failed to take picture of the finished results.  I have decided though, that I am going to make something from all of this wonderfully dyed fabric. I just don’t know what. I kinda want to make a quilt, but am on the fence about it. Oh well…

Also I have added a new hat example to the class examples…

Until next time peeps.

Hugs, G 🙂


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