Vested interests…

My friend Mary has a company called Handmade Collective (they do screen printing for all sorts of occasions).  I had her burn a screen for me so that I can print some labels for the garments I make.

Here’s the screen (I know. It’s awesome):

Here are the printed labels drying. The colorful dots are crocheted pattern-weights that are holding down the labels because I have the fan on them so they will dry quicker. Some of the labels are misfires because I haven’t pulled a print in a LONG time and I was so excited about the screen I got in a hurry and therefore, sloppy.

The first victim use of my new label is Jeff’s vest. It still has the center front and welt pocket basting in it… and it needs some pressing. I am getting the snaps for the closures today and will be starting the pants tonight. Don’t mind the skeleton in the background…

Dammit, Jeff better appreciate this. I don’t mind the sewing so much, but these updated blog posts are killing me.



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