You’s got class!

I am reposting this information for those of you who are taking my classes at the quilt show next week. There might still be a slot available in the MAKE YOUR OWN HAT PATTERNS! class, but I’m not sure since teachers don’t get a full roster until the day of the class. On-site class registration starts on Sunday, October 30th I believe. Email me or post a reply if you have any questions.

Wednesday, November 2nd: MAKE A MINI MAD-HATTER TOPPER! (Class# 336)

Step into Alice’s Wonderland to make a real showstopper! Make and trim a small-scale top hat using proper millinery techniques. The skills learned in this class can be translated into a full size hat. Knowledge of basic hand stitches is helpful. Millinery supplies will be provided.

Supplies needed:

Sewing thread to match fabric, Thimble, Pins, Fabric scissors, Paper scissors, Paper and pencil to take notes, 1 yd 45 inch wide suiting or bottom weight fabric or thick cotton such as pique.

Anyone who might be worried about taking their hat home on an airplane: I am offering to ship your hats to you for $10.00, 20.00 for international. To keep this cost down, I will not be able to send anything else except your hat.

Friday, November 4th: MAKE YOUR OWN HAT PATTERNS! (Class# 527)

Learn to draft patterns for a variety of hat shapes and styles. This class is a great introduction into the skill of patternmaking. Focus on three basic crown types, a basic brim and an easily adaptable visor. Construction and trimming will be discussed.

 Supplies needed:

Paper scissors, Compass (plastic or metal, get the school kind, not drafting calipers), Scotch Tape (one roll), 18” View-thru ruler (see picture). It’s not mentioned in the class catalog, but if you have a tape measure, bring it. If not, I’ll have a few available to use in class. Pencils, drafting paper and oak tag will be provided for you

Please feel free to leave a comment to this post if you have any questions about either class.

To avoid confusion, below are pictures of some of the supplies you’ll need.



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