Quilting time!

I survived the Houston International Quilt Festival with all of the grace and aplomb of an Olympic gymnast vaulting a perfect ten.

Oh, who am I kidding? My feet are killing me, I spent WAY too much money and my voice is still gravely from teaching, but I LOVE IT! That’s sort of the benchmark of the Quilt Show. If I don’t feel like this afterwards, I didn’t have a good time!

My classes went well I think. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I got back a lot of positive feedback. Here are a couple of pics of the Mad Hatter class:

The lovely women of the drafting class did me a favor and took home some of my class samples; however, there was still some candy left, so let’s work on upping your chocolate consumption next year ladies.

A few of you know that I had an entry in this year’s wearable art division. I didn’t win a prize, but it was nice to be on display. My entry was called Rojaku. It’s gray wool suiting with lime green silk lining. The halter top, worn underneath, is covered in hand sewn paiettes.

Front detail:

Side detail shot:

The back:

The back detail:

Tomorrow, I will post some pics of the quilts I saw.

Toodles, G


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