Lets play ketchup!

OK, I’m back to life, back to reality, back to life, back to… SOUL II SOUL!

 Lots of things have happened since we last chatted. I ate turkey and dressing, dyed some fabric and started next year’s wearable art Quilt Show entry. Believe me, it’s been a non-stop cavalcade of excitement and I know how jealous you all are of this reeling rollercoaster I call ‘my life’.

Let’s start with the joy and excitement of dyeing fabric. I usually do low-immersion dyeing because I don’t see the point of doing solid shade dyeing of a large piece of fabric since Kona makes every known color of quilting cotton known to man. There are like 50 books out there that walk you through L.E. dyeing, but really, I have found that they are just a waste of money. I follow the free instruction on the Pro Chemical website. I use their dyes exclusively. They are very nice people with fast shipping, beautiful colors and clear instructions.

When I begin to dye, I take a small amount of urea water and make a paste with some dye powder, then add the remaining urea water to form the requisite amount of liquid. Since this is all done by hand, it can get a bit tedious. The day before I set up my dyeing station, I was rummaging through the cabinets and discovered a knock off Bullet blender that I purchased some time ago. I decided to use it to blend my dye paste. The whole system was less than 20 dollars, so if I broke it in the process, no harm, no foul. Where has this thing been all my life? It cut my dye prep time in half and gave me a much more consistent dye job. Some of the dyes ended up foaming up in the blender, so when they poured out, they rested on top of the fabric rather than going through like a liquid, but some creative pleating and twisting solved that. Here is a pic of one of the finished products. One day I will learn how to take a decent picture.

My Quilt Show entry will be made of the unbleached muslin and corduroy I dyed. I seem to have an affinity for corduroy. It started when I made my 2008 Bernina Fashion entry “Rumors”. The super nice people at Cherrywood fabric gave me some corduroy to work with and I’ve been hooked ever since. I found a good deal at Hancock Fabrics online and bought a couple of bolts of it to dye. It takes color beautifully! I will do a proper sketch of my entry and post it soon. I always do quick sketches for people to see, so this time I am going to take my time with it. I have never made a garment like this before. It is based on ethnic costumes and military jackets from around the world. Yeah, I’m confused too.

 I think that catches me up to date. Maybe…

 Oh, I also wanted to show y’all my new friend, and frequent Sad Patterns commenter, Janet’s FIRST PLACE AWARD WINNING quilt from this year’s Quilt Show. I liked it even before I knew it was hers! The workmanship is amazing!




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