The furrow

Wow, two posts in two days? What’s wrong with me??

I am currently working on my 2012 submission for the IQA show in Houston. This piece is a total departure for me. I am working with ethnic costumes and foreign military outfits as my inspiration. I typically use modernity and architecture as inspiration. My goal is to post progress pics. We’ll see…

 I started working on the cuffs. They are going to be hand-furrowed. Furrowing, is taking a large piece of fabric and hand “gathering” it into a small space then stitching down all of the valleys created. It’s a bit like ruching or shirring, but not as uniform.

This is a piece of cotton that I found in the back of Joann’s like 5 years ago on the clearance shelf. It has a swirly chain stitch design over the technical face. I dyed it in Basic Red from Pro Chem. It took the dye very well.


I then stretch a foundation fabric (silk organza) on stretcher bars, then on a scroll frame. You don’t have to stretch it on a frame, but it does make life that much easier. Here is the frame I use for all of the hand work. I got it at the Quilt Show last year and am convinced that it has saved me so much time when it comes to doing this kind of work. I got it from K’s Creations. I can use purchased stretcher bars from Texas Art Supply and create any size I need for my work. They simply clamp on to the scroll frame and I am good to go.


I drew the pattern piece on organza after I stretched it, that way when I pull it taut, the lines won’t get distorted.

Now, I hand gather the fabric to the outer edge of the pattern piece lines and pin the centers in place. This is where the tedium fun begins. I scrunch and pleat the fabric as I go so that it looks like a Shar Pei’s rear end.

Here is the finished product. The dark spots are hand sewn sequins. The piece of red fabric I started out with was approximately 20 x 42. The finished cuff is about  8 x 10.

 And some details…


I’ll let you know about the next step in the creative process and soon as I come up with it!




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