I’ve been Chanel-ed!

This picture best sums up my attitude towards the holidays.


So I had a game plan in store for next year’s Quilt Show entry. I was going to do something that was a complete departure for me.  I rarely use ethnic dress as a springboard for my work, but I felt I needed a break from strict silhouettes and drama.  I had the idea of using the cut of military mess dress for the jacket then various components for the lower garment(s). I wanted  to cut away the center front line to form an interesting shape with the negative space. The pattern was draped, tweeked and finalized about 3 weeks ago. I even re-cut the muslin to double check the fit. I was actually happy with the result.

Silly me.

Yesterday, Chanel showed their current Pre-Fall collection. It is beautiful. It was inspired by an imaginary trip to India. The fabrics are sumptuous and the cuts… look… wait a minute… what is that pink jacket… son of a bitch…


I’m not bitter. On the contrary, I’m pissed. I know that it is not the most original cut on the planet, but it was MY cut. The next thing I’ll hear is that it doesn’t matter that a big name house used the same cut as me, but as far as I am concerned, my pattern is used goods. It is dead to me.

I am now exploring different avenues. I still like the idea of ethnic textiles, but I am going back to the drawing board on cut.

Freaking Karl Lagerfeld…




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