For the next few days, I am going to be posting some picture of the techniques I am using on a garment I’ve been working on. In the past, I have been very reluctant to post pics of what I’m working on because I think that the final reveal should be a surprise; however, I feel that doesn’t matter any more. My goal is to chronicle the making of this piece as well as I can. Initially, I wanted to work with ethnic garments and military costume, but it just didn’t feel right for this garment.

The pieces that I’m going to show you are for my 2012 Quilt Show entry. I haven’t committed to a title for it yet, but the inspiration is abstract expressionist art. I have never really worked with this genre as inspiration, so I’m attacking this thing with an open mind.

I usually don’t know what is going to happen with the fabric when I sit down at the sewing machine, dye bottles , or embellishments; frankly, I like it like that.

Dye, Discharge Paste, Paint…

This is the dyed fabric (notice the messy workspace).  I used my beloved low-immersion technique on it. The color is called New Black and I like how, through the dyeing technique, a range of colors came through.

Once the fabric was pressed, I used Jacquard Discharge Paste on it. I free-handed some drowsy loops on the piece and let it dry over night. After it was thoroughly dry, I used a hot steam iron on it and the color lifted off in an erratic way. The higher saturation of the paste I put on, the more color lifted.

Once the paste had been rinsed out, I used some Champagne colored sparkly paint from Pro Chemical to enhance the loops. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but there is a wonderful luminescence to the pigment. These two pieces are the upper, center back and side back pieces.  These pieces are unquilted right now. As soon as they are stitched, I will post some more pics.

Post in the comments section if you have any questions.



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