Buttons and no bows…

More progress on the piece that I’m working on!

These are the side front panels. The multicolored one is a lightweight cotton twill that I painted with thickened dye in an abstract checkerboard motif. The gray side has been dyed in Pearl Gray RIT dye.

On the color-blocked one, I used matching thread and quilted the hell out of it in a very sketchy way. I wanted the stitches to look like the remnants of brushstrokes. On the gray side, I did a very simple quilting pattern.

Here is a detail of the stitching on the color-blocking:

I wanted to inject some more texture into the gray side so I dug up some mother of pearl buttons and turned them upside down. The opalescence of the pearl is nice, but I wanted the gritty texture of the shell to be the focus. You can see the finished piece here resting on the beading frame.

And here is a detail of the buttons, sewn well within the confines of the stitching line.

More to come later…



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