Here a stitch, there a stitch…

Today’s piece is one of 4.5 sections that make up the collar. This took FOREVER to finish because, as usual, I had no idea where it was going.

It is hand dyed cotton muslin over batting over unbleached muslin.

I initially just wanted to follow the flow of color on the hand dyed cotton, but opted instead for the crosshatched squares.  As the stitching progressed, I changed thread color and the piece soon took on a life of its own.  It was important that the stitching be really dense because this part of the collar goes against the neck and gives it a firmer support for the roll line.

This is a detail of the left side.

This is a detail of the right side. I used a variegated thread that had a very heavy streak of black in it.

Initially I was put off by the black, but after making it heavier with stitching, It found its place.

OK, more later. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section!.



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