Glittery galaxy

OK, so this isn’t the giant post I promised (I’m working on that one still), so consider this an appetizer!

This is yet another one of the pieces that make up the collar. It is a dark navy hand dyed cotton muslin with Angelina fibers on top.

This was the first time I ever worked with Angelina in a large capacity. It’s a very interesting medium.

I cut the batting, top cloth and muslin backing to the size I needed, layered them, then took the loose Angelina fibers and pressed them between Teflon sheets. I don’t know what the heat does to the fibers, but once they have been pressed, the colors seem to get brighter and more vivid.

After everything was pressed, I pinned the melded fibers to the top cloth and began quilting in an erratic manner. The end result looks like a little mini galaxy to me.

OK, long post coming soon!



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