Button, Button: Part Deux

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, on with the show!

These are the fabrics I selected for the buttons. The foundation fabric didn’t really matter to me because they were going to get covered in beading, so I just chose some scraps that I had left over from the main project. These are all hand-dyed cotton.

Using the 2 inch circle template, I traced out a circle on the fabric. I used a white Prisma pencil so I could see the circle clearly.

Once the fabric was cut out, I hand gathered the outer edge, much like making a Yo-Yo; only, you don’t turn under the raw edge.

All basted.

Place the Pelltex disks in the center of the basted circle.

Gather up the thread to form a tight center and back stitch the thread so it doesn’t come out. As you are securing the thread, make sure there are no major pleats on the edge of the button.

All covered!

Traditional bead embroidery is done directly to the interfacing without covering it first. I know you can dye it, but I like the idea of fabric as a backing. You’re getting a double whammy today because I do my bead embroidery on a sheer foundation fabric then place it on what I’m covering.

Here is my set-up.

I paint my own silk and the drips that end up on the counter get mopped up with scraps of silk organza. This is one of those pieces.

Here is the silk organza stretched out on my beading frame. I use this frame a lot. I got it at the Quilt Festival here in Houston. It was originally designed for needlepoint, but with the clamp attachments and a set of stretcher frames, it can easily be converted into a bead embroidery frame. If you don’t have a fancy-schmancy frame like this, you can get the same results  with an embroidery hoop. I use the giant quilting thumb tacks to secure the fabric to the frame. You’ll see a seam in the organza because the piece I had wasn’t big enough.

I busted out the trusty template again and drew a circle on the organza. I used the one inch circle because I didn’t want to run the risk of beading bigger than the covered disk. You can always add, but taking off beading is kind of terrible.

You can faintly make out the circle in Prisma pencil. I always draw the circle after the organza has been stretched.

Here are the beads I’m going to be using. I wanted to do little rows of neat color, but that got old really quickly, so I made my own little color combos, as you’ll see in the next post!




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