Failure is always an option!

Oh kittens! How the time has flown by!

Let’s recap:

Sometime in November: I decided to enter the 2012 International Quilt Show

Later in November: I got the idea to make an outfit based on ethnic costumes; started dyeing and texturizing

Early December: Got screwed over by Karl Lagerfeld; had to change lanes

Early January: New inspiration; makin’ patterns

Mid-January – Late March: Stitches, a lot of stitches

Early April: Finished garment and mailed submission

That about wraps it up!


And now, a lesson in design from your uncle Gilbert.

There’s an old joke in craftdom that goes, just because you can sew, doesn’t mean you should. Let’s re-write that a bit…

Just because you can make patterns doesn’t mean you should.

As I made the jacket for my entry, I purposely held off making the other garment that it will be shown with. I knew I wanted it to reflect the same lines and texture, but had no idea what to put with it. I sketched, did trial drapes, researched and thought a lot about it. Eventually, this little patternmaker decided to bust out his scissors and defile some innocent muslin on a dressmaker’s mannequin. Whenever you are draping a muslin, you have to take a few steps back and look at the big picture form a distance. Unfortunately I failed to do this enough during the process and ended up with the goofiest dress in existence. I thought it was awesome, until I actually sewed the damn thing in fashion fabric. Ladies and the one or two gentlemen that read this blog, I present to you the rejected dress.

I know. It’s horrible.

I couldn’t believe what I had done. I am still in awe of my stupidity. The seams are so convoluted; following them with your eyes is like riding the Texas Cyclone at Astro World. The only defense I have of the seams is that they are all sewn on point and every junction matches.

Now the back:

I really went to town with the surface design on this puppy.

Whereas the over-the-top fabrications worked on the jacket, the base garment needed to be grounded and solid. This is more like sewing quicksand.

Side view. Oh dear.

Let’s look at the strapless top. Cue the theme song to Wonder Woman.

The mannequin just needs a pair of star-spangled panties and the look would be complete!

Needless to say, this train wreck quickly made its way to the back of my failed fabric experiment closet.

It was beauty that killed the beast.

Beauty and an overzealous patternmaker with WAY too much time on his hands.


The dress I did make for my submission is… well.. i think I’ll save that for another blog post!




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