Where has the time gone?

Well, since my last update, like a month ago (sorry ’bout that), a few things have happened. They might not necessarily have happened in this order though…

A – I was asked to draft a pattern for a secret project that will reach thousands of people across the country! As soon as all of the information is hammered out, I’ll let you guys know.

B – The garment I submitted for the International Quilt Festival 2012 in Houston won a prize! I’ll find out what place I won on Tuesday, October 30th. If you all are going to the Winner’s Circle at the Quilt Fest, please come say “Hi”! Here are the pictures I submitted for initial qualification.

C – I have started preliminary work on next year’s submission(s) for the quilt fest. My goal is to complete two entries. I know…there will be blood.

D – I have discovered the glorious wonder that is resin jewelry! Actually, I’m making resin buttons and findings because I don’t wear a lot of jewels. I’m not an expert at all, but I will post some of my trials and tribulations soon.

Gosh, anything else?  I am also making some costumes for a couple of clients for Halloween. I have no idea why, but my autumns always become very busy. OH and the Quilt Fest is at the end of October so there’s that too.