IQA Quilt Fest 2012: Part 1

Well, well, well, just where have you been mister?

I can finally put my feet up from walking the show floor at the IQA Quilt Fest here in Houston. It is now just a memory, but what a memory it is! I met a ton of fascinating people, I won first place in my division (more on  that later) and finally got  to meet a quilting genius in the flesh.

I’ll be posting the pics I took over the next few days. When that’s all done, I’ll be starting up a new set of projects to hopefully entertain you with. So let’s go!

Today I am focusing on some detail shots I got on the show floor. Some of these quilts are so amazing I seriously could not stop staring at them. I don’t have all the names of these quilts nor their makers, but they were so stunning in their completion, I couldn’t help but feature them.

The colors of this quilt make me happy! Also, I have a thing for those little ornaments that hang down on the bottom. I’ve been making embellished ornament for a while now and these really sang to me.

I cannot tell you how many times I went up to this quilt and just stared at it. The colors in it are perfect; also, the workmanship is exquisite.

This one is so fragile and delicate looking and each scene is different. The detail of the figures makes me want to be a better quilter.

I LOVE bright colors set against a dark background and this quilt hit all the correct points!

This quilt was made by the “Hanging by a Thread” quilting group. They have won before with their amazing work and this quilt is no exception. Each animal is so detailed and well made, you can almost hear them singing ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’!

I believe this was an entry from Japan. When you stand away from it, you don’t get a sense of the details, but when you get close, you understand the precision and skill needed to complete a stunning quilt like this.

This is another one that looks like a painting until you get close to it. The layers of depth created by the fabric pieces reminds me of why it won.

And now for the genius I got to meet in person! This is by the awesome quilter Janet Stone. Now, I’ve sen this quilt in person and I still can’t believe the level of work that went into it. It took home 2nd it its division. You’ll notice the detail shot is of the “G”. 😉

And just because I’ll be bugging her with quilting technique questions in the future, here is Janet’s 1st place winning quilt in the whimsical category: Mutton But Letters!

I was lucky to get a picture of her as she was mobbed by the paparazzi!

OK people, round two is coming up in a couple of days.



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