IQA Quilt Fest 2012: Part 2


There were some rich color stories at this year’s quilt fest. You needed sunglasses with some of these quilts.

My mother kept trying to find all of the figures in this quilt. I think she lost count at 20. I can’t get over how detailed and intricate this design is.

This is by Ricky Tims. I liked the wonky piecing and bold use of green. Initially, I thought the surrounding swirls were quilted patterns, but it’s actually a ropy cording.

Never underestimate the power of purple and yellow! The curvy borders give this one the effect of movement. The whole thing looks like it’s undulating!

This won first place it its division. At first I thought it was rather simple, but the colors are so hypnotic, I quickly fell under its spell. The vertical stripes that fade from light to dark really help to contain the bold lines of color in the center.

I really liked the figures on this one. I have a thing for dragons, so I could be biased.

This came all the way from Australia. The chartreuse is so striking on this tiny quilt! My friend Tasmin was excited it won because she is an Aussie herself and this winner will be teaching at her shop! Check out Tasmin’s shop: Berrima Patchwork.

This is one of the big winners. I wish I had more detail shots of it because it is really beautiful and the picture doesn’t do the colors justice.

EDIT: Look what I found! It was hidden in the tons of pics my mom and I took. This shows the fantastic workmanship.

The yellows and gold on this quilt were warm and inviting. They were so very rich and yet delicate at the same time. The pink was an unexpected touch.

This one spoke to me because of the extended lines on the roofs and windows. Illustrators do that a lot on fashion sketches and I really just felt for it. I normally don’t respond to cartoony images, but this one is the exception.

I wish I had a larger picture of this one. The shapes of the figures are a delight and the mix of colors blended very well together.

More later.



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