IQA Quilt Fest 2012: Part 3

My favorites!

These are just some my favorite quilts from the 2012 Quilt Fest.

I loved this triptych. The fabric looks like tissue lame and if you’ve ever worked with it, you know how much of a pain in the ass it can be. This quilter makes working with it look effortless. The figures look like really modern chess piece or really ancient hieroglyphs to me.

I think this is a great example of how to take a simple rectangular shape and make it visually interesting. I love the concept of this one, but challenge the notion that any bookcase is that well organized. LOL

This is probably my favorite in the whole show. I know what you are thinking, but the stark simplicity of this piece speaks volumes to me. I love the colors, the reduced lines of the flowers and the fantastic balance.

The colors and choppy lines are what spoke to me with this one. It reminds me of a Juan Gris or Georges Braque painting. It’s just simple polygons, but the way they are arranged suggests movement and rhythm. I guess I’m a modern quilter at heart.

I’m a sucker for separated medallions; the fact that there are different animals in each one is just icing on the cake.

Check out the detail of the lion.

I don’t use commercial prints in my own professional work, but I loved the colors and shapes of this quilt. Unexpected touches like the lime green print with writing and the curved pinwheel make this one a delight to look at.

This piece wasn’t in the contest, but rather in a special exhibit. It was entitled something like “Tidepool Aftermath”. Parts of it are dimensional and the texture on the sand is amazing.

Many more things from the show to come!



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