IQA Quilt Fest 2012: Part 4

Lots of dolls and clothes!

Every year at the Quilt Fest, the Treasures of the Gypsies booth sponsors a doll making contest. These are the stunning results of this year’s entry pool.

The second I saw this little guy, he stole my heart. It is called “Flying Fox” and it took every ounce of strength I had to not pick him up and hug him to death.

This older gentleman is so insanely detailed and intricate; I thought it was a photo when I first saw him.

I love this steampunk flyer. I couldn’t get over all of the specific details on his contraption. Even his coat is well made.  I think what really sold me were the goggles and the lace up boots.

The workmanship on the troll tree thing is amazing. The texture is simply perfect.

This is the first place winner this year. The dress looks like spun ice in person and the details on the sleeve make it look like they are rippling in the wind.

OK, now to toot my own horn. I took home the first place award for the Wearable Art division with my entry “Composition”. Yay me!

I wasn’t able to get pictures of all of the other entries, but I did get the third and second place winners.

Third place, by Rami Kim

Second place, by Eve Kovaks

First place, by Gilbert Muniz,… hey wait, THAT’S ME!!

Woo Hoo! OK, that’s it for now. I’ll be working on some personal projects in the near future, like this weekend, so I’ll try to get some stuff up for your looking pleasure soon.



2 thoughts on “IQA Quilt Fest 2012: Part 4

  1. Dear Gilbert.
    Struggeling my way through a school projekt I constantly find myself doing everything else – as now ; curiously seeking knowledge about my awardwinning rival at the quilt festival. And what do i find – a talented designer who even looks like a nice guy too.
    When I decided to enter the competition, being from Denmark and knowing about this festival only through my mother who visited years ago, I did not know that the other participants would be so skilled. I probably would never have dared to enrol, had I known that! But I am so glad I did. And as I found out – lucky to get accepted.
    You know – I only started sewing seriously a few years ago. As the mother of 4 wonderful children and having a fulltime nursing job, years just went by. And having to deal with that my firstborn suffers from a braindamage I never found myself bored! instead one day i found myself being seriously ill from distress, which forced me to pay more attention on what makes me happy. And sewing definatly does that. Again I feel alive and find joy in beginning every new day. (that is – except school projekts 🙂 ) now I am studying to become a designer! As i managed to be chosen as a finalist I was so lucky that my uncle and mother sponsored the trip to Houston (me still being a single mom, but now also a poor student :-)) and it was such a great adventure to attend the festival and see all those amazing quilts. I can still not believe that I was chosen to be among them.

    Congratulations with your 1. price, whishes for lots of new ideas and creations and a very merry christmas
    pardon my english, I hope you get the essence of it 🙂

    Susan Lorange ( my dress was the garden-inspired green one with flowers on top – if you remember)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I sincerely appreciate them. I saw your dress and it deserved to be included with all of the amazing entries. You made a beautiful garment! Please continue to sew and train to be a designer. It is a lot of work, but from what I saw of your dress, you will succeed!

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