I’ve been sitting on this news since October and I can finally give you all of the dirt!

I was asked to develop a handbag pattern for SewStylish magazine!

148308_10151211517376434_617628623_nSee the big blue circle with the “FREE PATTERN INSIDE! DESIGNER CLUTCH”?

That’s me!


My supervising editor, Stephani Miller, made the entire process very smooth and stress-free (hopefully I wasn’t too much of a pain to deal with).

I was given this awesome opportunity by Sarah McFarland, the senior, issue editor of the magazine, when we met at the American Sewing Guild conference in Houston last August. She asked me if I would be interested in coming up with something for the magazine and like a week later, I was introduced to Stephani and we were developing bag shapes and I was drafting the pattern.

IMG_028They gave me the entire back cover! WOO HOO!

I might just be a little too excited about this.

OK, It technically hits newsstands in February, but you can get it online as either an Emagazine: or you can get the print copy at:

The entire magazine is a great source of sewing information. There are tips, tricks and tons of ideas in this issue.

Also, because all of that awesomeness couldn’t fit in the printed version, you can get the tutorial for the chain tassels here:

OK, now I need a nap. I’m still in my studio flux at the moment, so as soon as I can get back to a sewing schedule, I’ll be posting pics of my current, albeit on pause, projects.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the pattern in the magazine, please let me know in the comments section!



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