NY Fashion week, Fall 2013 Ready to Wear: The Bad

New York designers make salable clothes. I don’t blame them. It’s their job. I personally prefer a more dramatic flair on the runway, but let’s not ask for the moon.

For the most part, The NY runways are filled with the same old, boring blazers and trousers that get paraded out, season after season. However, a few designers do try to get creative with their collections. There are some shining stars (that I will point out in the next post) but for now, let’s stare agog at the steaming pile of WTF that the city that never sleeps has dished out for Fall 2013 ready to wear.

Comments follow pictures.


It’s like a pilgrim and a hippie got drunk one night and decided to have a baby.

Only it wasn’t a baby, it was this turd of a dress by Rodarte.

Prabal Gurung

Could we all get together and buy Prabal Gurung some more fabric to finish his dress?

He had to make this work with the scraps left on the cutting room floor.

So sad.

Jeremy Scott

Thanks to Jeremy Scott, somewhere out in the world is a very cold, fur-less Muppet.

The Elder Statesman

The Elder Statesman

(yes, that is the name of the label. No, really.)

So let me get this straight. The photographer was told to make the models look like they are being held hostage wearing their older sister’s parochial school uniform from the 80’s?

Michael KorsOh dear.

Michael Kors, please stop designing evening wear.

You suck at it. Really, really, suck at it.

Carolina Herrera

Oh Carolina Herrera, your usual flair for whimsical evening wear really backfired this time.

Like, a terribly loud backfire… that frightened cattle into a stampede.

Seriously, who wants to look like a Victorian librarian wearing a visual illustration of a virus?


Dear house of Honor, WTF is this supposed to be?

I’ve stared at it so long, my eyes started to bleed and I STILL can’t figure it out.

Is she supposed to be a prisoner at a heart shaped emerald mine?

I await your answer.



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