London Fashion Week: Fall 2013 Good and Bad

London fashion week is now a thing of the past, so by royal decree, I present the best and worst of the British designers.

I’m doing this in one post because London fashion “week” is actually just four days and there aren’t that many shows to see.

Comments follow the pictures.


Emilia Wickstead

Once again, designers prove that hideous, unflattering clothes are perfect for the runway! Here you see Emilia Wickstead’s plaid-tastrophe sauntering down the catwalk in front of a less than amused audience.

 John Rocha

Again with the topiary dresses! Seriously, she looks like she woke up on the lawn, naked and drunk, then wrapped herself in the ‘welcome’ mat so she wouldn’t get arrested walking home! Thanks John Rocha.

 Kinder Aggugini

By the looks of it, Kinder Aggugini is no stranger to the ‘shrooms. In fact I’d say there were LOTS of ‘shrooms used to help design this little number.


KTZ. So that’s what happened to Carmen Sandiego! I always wondered…

Mark Fast

Mark Fast has you covered for those times you need to do some light dusting on the way to a pool party.

Meadham Kirchhoff

If you look carefully at the model’s face, you can actually see her soul being sucked away by this turd of an outfit. This entire collection was a let-down. The design team of Meadham Kirchoff usually inject a lot of life into the season, but this look proves that someone was asleep at the wheel.

Pringel of Scotland

Pringel of Scotland. You know, for those times you want to wear the mini blinds to the office.


duro olowu

Normally I shy away from bold prints like this. They are typically too difficult to wear and can easily overpower any accessories, but these two looks from Duro Olowu work for me, for some unknown reason. The cape is a bit theatrical, but then again, most good capes are. I think it’s the black satin that helps ground these looks.


Giles Deacon is hit or miss every season and this collection was no exception. Amidst the flotsam and jetsam of his usual handiwork came this striking ensemble. The simplicity of the skirt paired with the intricacy of the laser-cut, gold bodice pair beautifully together.

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou has made her career on digital prints– REALLY bright and garish digital prints. This season however, she dialed back the dramatic colors and focused on a cleaner, grayscale coloration. This look exemplifies her new aesthetic by combining her pension for intricate shapes and prints with the ease and simplicity of a black T-shirt. This is accessible opulence.

Temperley London

Temperly London. Like New York, there were a lot of obviously practical collections that just didn’t stand out. When combing through the pictures, I found that this simple, yet elegant cocktail dress kept staring back at me. The cut and embellishment are just interesting enough so that a clean white dress becomes a standout in a sea of monotony.

Westwood Red Label

 I love Vivenne Westwood simply because she makes clothes the way she wants to. This suit from her Red Label is quintessential Westwood in that when worn, it looks slightly off, as if moving on the body in a way that suggests it has a life of its own. The tailoring is sharp and the color is enough to make a statement in a boardroom of gray pinstripes.

OK, Milan is next, but it’s going to take a while to sort through those collections.



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