Man of the cloth

Let’s dive into a big pile of fabric!

The base fabric for my new piece was going to be hand-dyed hues of mottled violets and fuchsia.


I actually had all of this stuff dyed already, but I started to do some painted texture on the fabric and it quickly got away from me. I won’t say the fabric is terrible, but the overall design of it just wasn’t where I wanted to take the completed look.  So, going back to the drawing board and running out of time, I had to dye some new fabric. One issue – I was out of deep purple and raspberry dye. Like, totally out. Sigh.

Being the chief cook and bottle-washer, I made an executive decision. Change base colors.

For some reason, I have TONS of teal dye. Also within my dye stash was a full jar of a color from ProChem called brilliant blue. I wanted a two tone effect, so I distributed the liquid dye in random patterns over the fabric in the dye bath. Well a funny thing happened on the way to creativity, because when the two colors met in liquid form, they completely merged. Normally when you do low immersion dyeing, you get blotchy separations of color with a few places of overlapping ad merging – this is what makes low emersion dyeing so much fun; you just never know what you’re going to get. This time however, the colors blended into a sort of bastardized indigo color with hardly any separations or overlaps.

Whenever you dye fabric, you have to realize that yardage is deceptive. Unless you’re making a full skirt, you’re going to be cutting pieces out of the whole and changing the look of the cloth. Having said that, when I got it out of the dryer, I was a little nonplussed, but after I pressed the fabric a little bit, I quickly fell in love with it. The color is deep, rich and appealing.  The pictures don’t do it justice.


I knew the direction I wanted the embellishments to go in (more on that later) so while I had on my dust mask and goggles, I went ahead and dyed that fabric too.


Look familiar? It’s the new blog header!

You know, no matter how many times I dye fabric, I never get tired of stacking up all of the pieces into a deranged rainbow and just staring at it.

Here is the happy marriage of the bright hues against the dark indigo-esque blue/teal:

IMG_0963This is going to be fun.

Embellishments next.



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