Color me crazy!

I have a direction for embellishments… FINALLY!

I kinda had an idea of where I wanted to go with it, but couldn’t really work out all the bugs.

Let’s just say that the exterminator has been called and we are ready to rock and roll.

Here is a quick sample of where I’m going with it. The quilting was just to get it down for the swatch and the sequins colors are just what I grabbed for the swatch. Also the background color of the circle is going to be larger (in a following picture) with free motion zigzag stitches holding it down. Also, sequins are really hard to photograph.


Since I have done all of the background (channel stitching) quilting on the garment, the next step is plotting the circles and doing the free motion over-quilting.

This is a little grouping on one of the pieces (center back). You can see the colors of the background circle are much more visible.IMG_1055

So, I’m returning to the sweatshop to do the embellishing. I’ll do an update as soon as something exciting happens.

The next step is the dress worn under the jacket. I have most of that ready to sew, so I’ll post it in a little bit.



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