I got the word from Houston yesterday and Color Theory has won honorable mention in the wearable art division!
I am honestly shocked that it won anything. I really felt like I was rushing the construction on it and overall, I wasn’t too happy with its design, so here’s to judges with beer goggles! WOOHOO!!

Muniz_Color Theory_Back Muniz_Color Theory_Detail Muniz_Color Theory_Front

 I am MORE excited to say that my dear (and slightly crazy) friend Janet Stone received a divine call from on high and has won one of the top 8 prizes at the IQA Houston Quilt Festival for her quilt, A Letter bit of Baaltimore.  Clearly the judges were stone cold sober when they picked hers because the workmanship is stunning and she deserves every accolade for it!


She ALSO won a ribbon for her quilt, Letter Carriers.


I guess dinner is on Janet!

OK kids, my New York fashion review is coming up next week, so clench up because it’s going to sting!



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