Spring 2013 Milan: The Good and The Bad

Ciao Milano!
The Italians have had their say for the season and let me tell you, it wasn’t much.
This entire season has been so middle-of-the-road, it’s unbelievable.

There was so little to write home about, that I only found two collections that made me take notice. Well one really, but I was so ready for some excitement that the second one barely eeks in. We’ll start with the latter.


Gianfranco Ferre. This collection was good, not spectacular, but good. It had its flaws, but there were more shining moments than bruises. These three looks capture the essence of the house perfectly. The only thing I found missing were the brilliant white shirts that Ferre was founded on; however, I’ll let that slide if they can keep this creative pace up.

Moschino. This was the 30th anniversary of the house and it was so much fun I was actually clapping while I watched it online. They brought back all of their favorite modes, had a mini retrospective and even Gloria Gaynor belting out the house’s signature song “I Am What I Am.” It was brilliant. The current collection was sent out in pairs of good girls and bad girls and the cuts were the best of the best of the house’s legacy. All in all, it was a bright spot in a season of dark clouds.


Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras. I normally love Marras’ clothes but this look had me confused.
Now, I have personally seen these curtains at a hotel in Mobile, Alabama so part of me wants to begrudge him a little slack…
Wait. That skirt is not a demo set of window sheers at a housewares trade show?
Oh, well nevermind then.

Dolce and GabbanaDolce and Gabbana. I swear, if Dolce and Gabbana go back to Sicily one more freaking time, I’m flying to Italy and storming their palazzo, sword drawn!!
At this point, you’d think they would have all but exhausted their well of inspiration from that little island, but alas, we’re stuck with yet ANOTHER collection.
This example looks less like an evening gown and more like a ginger-fied Cousin Itt’s sheared armpit trying on a wrestling belt.

DSquaredDSquared. Who knew that the thatched roof of the hut the Howell’s lived in on Gilligan’s Island would be such a source of inspiration for Dan and Dean Caten?

Fausto Puglisi

Fausto Puglisi. This is what a desperate cougar wears on a singles cruise.
I dub this dress the dumpiest “come hither” frock I have ever seen in my life.

MSGMMSGM. I always wondered what happened to the used circus tents that Ringling Bros. threw out.


Prada. The press LOVED this collection.
I saw a goofy mix of bizarre prints, embellishments and clown clothes. Seriously, the further on this show went, the more bananas it got. I have NO idea what that textured bra thing is supposed to be or why she is wearing leg warmers, but I’ll say this, if you want to stand out for all the wrong reasons next spring, shop at Prada!

BONUS: if you squint and stare at the just the embellishments, it kinda looks like a confused clown face:Untitled-1Paris is the next stop on the fashion train!



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