As the current fashion calendar rages on like a beige hurricane, I present an alarming trend I spotted at the New York shows – CRAPPY PANTS!

If terrible, bifurcated garments were a disease, the CDC would have quarantined the entire city from the first stitch!

Get your flu shots and settle in ’cause here come some terrible trousers!

Captions follow images.

AdamSelman bad

Adam Selman. Cowgirl. You’re doing it wrong.

Assoulin bad pants

Assoulin. I guess she’s earned her stripes.

Christian Siriano bad

Christian Siriano. Yes, because in the dead of a New York winter, every woman wants the warmth and protection of a nude thong that doesn’t match her skin tone.

Edun bad

Edun. Dear Lord, the sweat pant has evolved. The end is nigh.

Hood by air bad

Hood by Air. Hot pants on a man without the slightest slice of irony, umm… yeah, I got nothing.

LIM bad pants

LIM. I cant tell if these are the wrong size or if the Incredible Shrinking Woman had a kid.

Rucci bad

Ralph Rucci. These look like the designer flayed he skin from her legs, shoved her on the runway and told her to make it work.

Wang pants bad

Alexander Wang. Yeah, but what about the length of skin between the boot and the hem? HOW WILL HER SHINS AND CALVES SURVIVE THE COLD MR. WANG????

Milan is on the way.



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