In the corner pocket

So, I got this email from my friend Chris:

“Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert. It’s Tuesday and no pocket posts. What the F, yo?”

This was last Tuesday.

Clearly, I have failed him as a friend and/or designer.


I have a teaser post for you with all 19 pockets that will be on the jacket.

And just to squeeze lemon juice on the open wound of my lack of posts, the pictures are terrible.


I’m not putting a name to each pocket until they get their individual posts with all the pertinent information so you’ll just have to guess for now.

. Also, none of them are sewn on yet, so the ones with flaps are just pinned.

And here is a picture of the jacket pieces pinned to the mannequin.

This is just to give me the idea of the overall base look.

1016575_608488775904943_1650430807_nAsk me any questions in the comment section.

I’ll be posting individual pockets soon.


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