Worldly friends!

Almost done with the pocket posts then on to new things!

In Soviet Russia, pocket put hand in YOU!


My friend Sasha and I have this ongoing back-and-forth about Mother Russia, bears and the former Soviet Union. I have no idea how it started, but frankly, I hope it never ends. I met Sasha when she was a student of mine back in my academic days. To date, she is one of the best tailors/sewers I have ever had the pleasure of teaching and she is currently the designer of her own fashion label, Alexnia.

I wanted her pocket to reflect our goofiness with the Motherland, so I designed her pocket with a precious, matryoshka doll applique. All of the fabrics are hand dyed cotton and it was fused to the base with Misty Fuse. It is covered in sequins of all shapes and sizes and the center is set-off with a dimensional sequin flower. The lips and eyes are hot fix Swarovski crystals and the embroidery is done in perle cotton.

This pocket is presented flat and on the jacket because getting a picture of it on the jacket was damn near impossible because of its shape.



I wanted to do a pocket for my friend Marissa, but I couldn’t figure out the shape. I knew I wanted to work with a hand stamped print, but didn’t know the colors. Then we were having a conversation one day about turmeric and boom, the pocket was born – the shape for her pocket would be a spice bag and the colors would reflect the richest ingredients to a delicious meal. Whenever I think of Marissa I’m reminded of her enchanting cooking. She can make anything and it’s always delicious. We have running jokes about celebrity chefs that should wear more clothes on camera and have to get their ingredients flown in from Madagascar every morning, but store bought is fine. LOL

The foundation for the pocket is hand dyed cotton and then hand stamped, with wooden block stamps, in ProChemical fabric paints. I then followed the motifs of the prints with Swarovski hot fix crystals and hand sewn sequins. The outer edge is trimmed in natural stone beads and the drawstring is twisted crochet string. The draw string does function when on the jacket.

The last two pockets will be discussed in a few days!


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