The final pockets!

The last two pockets!!


My cousin Estella is devoutly Christian. She’s been with her church for ages and helps to organize events and banquets there. Back in the day, she used to sell vintage jewelry. I remember a few times my sister and I would go help her at her booth, when we were kids. Well, I think we just played more than helped, but still.

She feels closer than a cousin because whenever our family needs her to help out, she’s there.

I wanted her pocket to reflect her devotion to her church and her love of classic jewels, so I designed a beaded cross from natural gemstones and crystals. The foundation is hand dyed china silk that has been quilted on low loft polyester batting.


 My sister’s mother in law, Patsy, is a hoot! She is always good for a laugh and a hug. She has a pet pig and at one point, dressed up like Mrs. Claus, every year, for Christmas pictures. For a long time now, she has collected dolls. She has some beautiful, vintage dolls that really inspired her pocket. I wanted the over effect of the pocket to look like a vintage ribbon motif that was so very popular in the 1800’s.

I hand dyed yards of silk ribbon and folded and gathered them into these floral and leaf shapes. I outlined all the pieces in glass seed beads and studded the base of the pocket in a smoky amethyst bicone crystal offset with smoky pearl seed beads. The outer edge is lined in faceted, iridescent crystals and more bicones. The base fabric is hand dyed, dark mauve cotton.

OK kids, that’s all for the pockets.
I’m starting the preparations for my next piece, so I’ll keep you informed on that as soon as I have something to show you!!


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