Quilt Festival Classes

I’m adding a couple of new pages to the blog: Class Information and a Class Example Gallery. I’ll be updating them as often as I can.

Here is the information for my classes at the upcoming Houston Quilt Festival.

Online registration for classes opens on July 23rd. Here is the link to Quilt Fest’s website.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section.

Houston Quilt Festival October 26 – November 2

Class # 334 – Fascinating Fascinators

Wednesday, October 29

Learn the basics of creating a small hat that makes a big statement! Materials, design and construction will be covered, as well as using various trims and embellishment techniques. All supplies to complete hat are supplied.

For this class you will need to bring: fabric scissors and a thimble.

Examples from this class are located in the Class Examples gallery

Class # 470 – Mixed-Media Miscellany 

Thursday, October 30

This is an open demonstration class. Students can walk around at their own leisure and watch continuous demonstrations at a variety of stations.

I will be teaching simple tassels that can be added to a variety of projects and accessories.

There are no required supplies for this event, but it might help to have a notebook and pen to take any notes you want.

Class # 521 – Effective Embellishment Basics

Friday, October 31

Learn techniques for working with different kinds of sequins, beads and trims to give your work amazing shine! You’ll leave the class with a set of samples to reference for any project you want. All demonstration supplies are provided for this class.

For this class you will need to bring: thread snips and a thimble.


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