Up-to-date, kinda…

I see it’s been a while since this blog was updated, hopefully you all have been ice-dyeing your little hearts out!

It has been a terribly busy two months for me. I finally finished my two competition pieces and submitted them to two different shows.

First up is the Machine Quilter’s Expo (MQX). This is the first time I’ve submitted to this show. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, so fingers crossed.

To this exhibition, I’ve submitted three pieces: Diamond Cocktail, The jacket to Color Theory and my new piece, Entropy.

Entropy is a simple, double breasted tailcoat-style vest that was inspired by traditional riding habits. I really tried to focus on the quilting with this, so I limited the embellishment to the collar and the buttons.

All of the beading was done by hand and was inspired by costume jewelry from the 60’s. They are all in hues of amber and champagne that complement the butter yellow of the hand dyed corduroy.

The fabric was actually an accident. I dyed it years ago and found it while shuffling some storage totes around. It initially came out of the dye bath in a terribly deep navy color that was too spread out over the surface, so I did some basic tying on it and threw it in a boiling pot of color remover. I loved the results, but had absolutely no idea what to do with it. Luckily, when I drafted the pattern for the vest, all the pieces fit on the narrow strips of fabric and thus, Entropy was born.

The last piece I made (and the last for this year) is a two piece outfit called Raja Redux, that has been submitted, along with Forgotten Traditions, to the Pacific International Quilt Fest. Again, I wanted to focus more on the quilting than the embellishments, so I kept the surface design to a minimum.  Also, I really relaxed my fit on the jacket. Normally, the cut would be hugging the body, but I really wanted the piece to have a softer feel.

The initial inspiration was the idea of a traditional smoking jacket paired with Indian textiles and saris. I knew I wanted to use these great wood block stamps I got from my friend Gina at Splinters and Threads, last year at the Houston Quilt Fest, so I printed a simple, layered motif using ProChemical’s sparkly fabric paints. The polka dots are made by using the end of a wooden dowel rod.

The strapless dress, worn underneath, was not the original idea for the under garment. The original skirt was supposed to be draped layers of brightly dyed panels that looked like the tips of shawls, but there was way too much going on and the overall look was busy and convoluted. So, I edited and simplified. I think the finished piece is more refined like this.

 OK, that’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with updates on the other,non-sewing nonsense I’ve been working on!!

Also, I’m starting all of my class prep for my Fall Quilt Fest classes, so I’ll be updating my example galleries soon.

Oh, New York fashion week started on Tuesday, so I’ll try to get up some highlights soon.


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