Todd Time and other details

OH BOY! Where has the time gone? OK, here are a few updates.

I have had a whirlwind ribbon collection get foisted upon me from various wearable art shows.

From Machine Quilter’s Expo, I received a 2nd place, a third place and a teacher’s choice ribbon. Considering this was my first time at this show, I was very surprised. I want to thank all who organize this show. I didn’t get to attend, but from all accounts, it was a blast!

From Pacific International Quilt Festival I got a second place and an honorable mention. This was also a surprise because I had no idea where the judging was going to go on my pieces.

I have won a ribbon at the Houston International Quilt Festival, but I don’t know exactly which one. I’ll find out on Tuesday, October 28th. I’ll also be teaching and taking classes at this show. It’s going to be a very busy week!

I will be using a lot of my existing garments for class examples, so I didn’t really make a lot of new samples this time around. I did make this table runner thought:


It’s a basic Dresden made up of scrap, hand-dyed fabrics.

I plan on taking dozens of pictures during the week at HQF, so I’ll do a photo round up after the dust settles.

On a personal note, I kinda bought something I have always wanted…

I rarely, if ever, buy pieces from a designer archive. It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s not that easy to find exactly what I want, at a price that seems reasonable. I trawl Ebay as often as I can to seek out the pieces that I think I can afford or really, really want, and this time, all my designer stalking paid off!

I am the proud owner of a Todd Oldham jacket! This particular jacket is from the Spring 1994 “Dreams” collection. It was worn on the runway by Debbie Deitering (not my exact jacket, but I can pretend).

My jacket comes in at 7:55!

It’s Oldham’s “comb print” on silk faille. It’s a terribly simple cut, but the way it works on the body is genius. The buttons are little clusters of mechanical hex-nuts.

It does need a trip to the dry cleaners, but for being from 1994 and a white fabric, it’s in remarkably fantastic condition.

Todd Oldham is one of my favorite designers because he was one of the first designers I ever paid attention to. He no longer produces clothes at a designer level, so his pieces are harder and harder to find. He made a lot of sensible clothes, but I am only interested in his printed pieces – they were the crux of his signature look and to me, are more desirable.

OK, as soon as I have more goodies, I’ll let you all know, but it will probably be after the Quilt Fest.


Spring 2015 Ready to Wear: WTF?

Hey wait, it’s not Thanksgiving yet! What’s with all the turkeys?

Oh that’s right, we just saw the last of the spring 2015 collections.

Fine then, pass the gravy and settle in, people. This is going to hurt.

turkey Comme Des Garcons


Comme Des Garcons.

It’s like she shoplifted a giant’s bra from Victoria’s Secret and decided to work it into her wardrobe. Also,that hair is what happens when you let a drunk chimpanzee give you a perm..

 turkey emporio

Giorgio Armani.

Thanks, Girogio! I always wondered what prison couture looked like. Damn those stripes are bold; I guess there is no Italian word for “subtle.”

 turkey Galliano


I refuse to use the full name, John Galliano, for the collection while it’s under the control of Bill Gayten. The guy is a brilliant patternmaker, but this label has lost all of its charm and poetry since he’s been at the helm. This outfit is less commanding of the title, runway ready, and more apt of fodder for the clearance rack at Chico’s. Hell, even the shoes look like a summer, PayLess special.

 Turkey MaxMara

Max Mara.

“On a very special Blossom…” Are you kidding me with that hat? The head to toe, sickly-pink flower print is bad enough, but toss on that 90’s revival accessory and all of a sudden I feel the need to slap Mayim Bialik

 Turkey Meadham Kirchhoff

Medham Kirchoff.

Somewhere in the atelier…

Medham: “Hey, Kirchoff!”

Kirchoff: “Yeah Medham?”

Medham: “I want to design an outfit that is the visual representation of a sweaty, Rick James wig that hasn’t been washed in 20 years.”

Kirchoff:  “That sounds awesome, buddy, but only if I can include my cleaning lady’s Playtex dish washing gloves on the model.”

Medham: “OMG this look is going to be awesome!! HIGH-FIVE, PARTNER!!”

turkey moschino


If you stare at this picture long enough, you can almost see the skirt inflating.

Turkey Saunders

Jonathan Saunders.

Not many designers choose to use metallic leather bean bag chairs as clothing, but hey, who am I to judge? Also, can we talk about how excited this model is to be walking the runway? The lights, the camera, the music… and she looks like she was just told she failed her calculus midterm.

Turkey Yoji

Yoji Yamamoto.

This dress, realizing its uselessness, has rejected its own purpose and is slowly trying to escape the grim reality of life by inching down the model’s body as she walks the runway. And what’s happening with her right arm? She’s either a contortionist or has a secret, appendage no one knows about.

turkey Sportmax


“Cover my sweater in giant, black, furry vaginas please!”

– Said no rational human being, EVER!

Spring 2015 Ready to Wear: Paris

There must have been something in the water this season in Paris because EVERYONE was in a practical mood.  I have never seen this many salable collections in the city of lights. For a second there, I though the New York collections had taken over.


This collection was so clean and cleverly cut, I had to acknowledge it. There was a sweeping grandeur to the cut of the clothes -like old world, Victorian portraits from a future past. That makes no sense, but trust me, they were really good. I look forward to seeing more from this designer.

Gareth Pugh

It’s official, this was the most rack-ready collection Pugh has ever done in his career. There were so many wearable looks, it was hard to tell where the showpieces began. Styling was clean, save for some interesting head gear, and overall, the collection felt approachable and clean. Seriously, did he even design these looks? Hmmm, I wonder…

Jean Paul Gaultier

Au revoir Monsieur Gaultier, you will be missed. JPG called the ready to wear portion of his label collective quits this season after 30 plus years. He’s had a great run and it’s good to go out on top. This season saw a beauty pageant with all the models as contestants.  The looks were… umm, well, they worked. I suppose I wanted some grand exit of his greatest looks, but ultimately, he cranked out more of the same he’s been working with the last few seasons. Everyone needs a break and Jean Paul has certainly earned his. Still, he’ll be missed, if nothing for the drama, and at least we still have the haute couture.

Manish Arora

The king of over-doing-it calmed down a little. Arora is known for insane decoration on his looks and whereas the clothes had a brightness to them still, he really cleaned up his act and presented a collection that could grace any department store rack.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a bonkers load of print and color happening, but it felt a little less gimmicky this season. I hope this trend translates into more sales for him.

Dries Van Noten

THANK GOD Dries nailed it this season. I was really starting to get worried. The last few seasons have been, ehhh, OK, but this season saw a return to the Van Noten of the past. He reimagined his neck-tie prints, tightened up tailoring and dipped back into his shadowed runway presentations. It was nice to see him on form and even nicer to see the beautiful pieces he sent out. Clean, innovative cuts paired with creative fabrications and colors – who can ask for anything more?

AF Vanderhorst

It took them a while to grow on me, but with each passing season, I fall more and more in love with the clothes. This season had the addition of cotton and aluminum fabric that would hold exaggerated shapes. Not the most practical fabric on the planet, but hey, it looked awesome. They have really honed in on pieces that look utilitarian, but scream high fashion.  The look is part rock star, part explorer, and all of it works in beautiful synchronicity.

Veronique Branquino

There was a fresh brightness to the Branquino collection this season. She always does a wearable collection, but this time, the clothes had a certain bounce and lightness to them – even when the hems grazed the floor.  She is a smart tailor and those skills didn’t disappoint this season. Styling was clean and the color story definitely followed a nautical line. She doesn’t show large collections, but what was included was sharp and neatly edited.

OK, later, I’ll serve up some turkeys!