Todd Time and other details

OH BOY! Where has the time gone? OK, here are a few updates.

I have had a whirlwind ribbon collection get foisted upon me from various wearable art shows.

From Machine Quilter’s Expo, I received a 2nd place, a third place and a teacher’s choice ribbon. Considering this was my first time at this show, I was very surprised. I want to thank all who organize this show. I didn’t get to attend, but from all accounts, it was a blast!

From Pacific International Quilt Festival I got a second place and an honorable mention. This was also a surprise because I had no idea where the judging was going to go on my pieces.

I have won a ribbon at the Houston International Quilt Festival, but I don’t know exactly which one. I’ll find out on Tuesday, October 28th. I’ll also be teaching and taking classes at this show. It’s going to be a very busy week!

I will be using a lot of my existing garments for class examples, so I didn’t really make a lot of new samples this time around. I did make this table runner thought:


It’s a basic Dresden made up of scrap, hand-dyed fabrics.

I plan on taking dozens of pictures during the week at HQF, so I’ll do a photo round up after the dust settles.

On a personal note, I kinda bought something I have always wanted…

I rarely, if ever, buy pieces from a designer archive. It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s not that easy to find exactly what I want, at a price that seems reasonable. I trawl Ebay as often as I can to seek out the pieces that I think I can afford or really, really want, and this time, all my designer stalking paid off!

I am the proud owner of a Todd Oldham jacket! This particular jacket is from the Spring 1994 “Dreams” collection. It was worn on the runway by Debbie Deitering (not my exact jacket, but I can pretend).

My jacket comes in at 7:55!

It’s Oldham’s “comb print” on silk faille. It’s a terribly simple cut, but the way it works on the body is genius. The buttons are little clusters of mechanical hex-nuts.

It does need a trip to the dry cleaners, but for being from 1994 and a white fabric, it’s in remarkably fantastic condition.

Todd Oldham is one of my favorite designers because he was one of the first designers I ever paid attention to. He no longer produces clothes at a designer level, so his pieces are harder and harder to find. He made a lot of sensible clothes, but I am only interested in his printed pieces – they were the crux of his signature look and to me, are more desirable.

OK, as soon as I have more goodies, I’ll let you all know, but it will probably be after the Quilt Fest.


3 thoughts on “Todd Time and other details

  1. Wow, wow, wow! All the ribbons and that Todd Oldham-you must be on Cloud 9! See you in a few days-up on the Winners Stage!!!

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