Everything is awesome, sometimes…


You know, sometimes, I’m not too keen on being a slave to my skills.

I’d love to one day, wake up with a project idea and just start piecemealing it together with reckless abandon, but I can’t.

I know that behind each project I attempt, there will be hours upon hours of prep work that will need to be refined and engineered in order to ultimately realize my concept as close to the edge of perfection as possible.

This shouldn’t be an issue, really, and I should consider myself privileged to have these skills that I can not only utilize, but also teach to others; but dammit, why must I do everything the correct way, all the time?

I’ve come to the conclusion that what I make and how I make it is not for its end use, but rather, for my selfish amusement.  Even if I’m making something for someone else, his or her reaction weighs little on my mind in the shadow of how I feel about the finished product. (Unless they’re criticizing for the sake of argument, and then I’ll cut a bitch.)

People telling me, “Oh, don’t worry about that little stitch that’s crooked” or “Ehh, no one’s going to see that anyway!” mean nothing to me. The pursuit of perfection drives me, and those off-hand comments, trying to assuage my perceived inadequacies, bounce off my head like a dodgeball making contact with a brick wall.

So, like downtrodden pyramid builders living in the shadow of a relentless, whip-cracking pharaoh, I toile away at perfecting these skills in the hope of keeping myself happy with my work.

I guess I have only myself to blame. I strive to learn as much as I can about design and technique. I rarely settle for half-baked ideas about my visions. I often have a looping dialog in my mind blaring out what seem like obvious solutions to insignificant road bumps:  Can’t find the buttons you want? Learn to make them! That fabric isn’t the correct color? Dye it yourself!! That embellishment isn’t the best option? LET’S SPEND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS LEARNING A NEW SKILL THAT WILL ONLY COVER ONE SQUARE INCH OF THE FINISHED JACKET!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Seriously, I have this conversation with myself on a daily basis. It’s getting old and I wonder to what end all of this will arrive.

As far as what I’m making goes, I feel my work ebbs and flows at inconsistent intervals. One day I want bright, insane colors, the next day, I want nothing to do with vibrant hues and relish working in muted neutrals. My current mood falls sharply in the latter.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting some tutorials and lots of progress and example pics. I’ve decided that I need some constancy in my life and I’m going to be focusing on this blog a bit more in an effort to realign my sub-processors and try to figure out what direction I need to be pointed.

In the meantime, here is my class schedule for the Houston International Quilt Festival in October:



B,PJ Gilbert Muniz

Learn the basics of creating a small hat that makes a big statement. Materials, design, and construction will be covered as well as using various trims and embellishments. All materials to complete the hat are provided.

CLASS PRICE – $65 + MAT FEE – $15 = $80




B,PC,SM Gilbert Muniz

Give your garments and accessories a tailored look by learning a fool-proof method for making professional closures and pockets.

CLASS PRICE – $35 + MAT FEE – $7 + EQUIP FEE – $4 = $46



FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30: 2:00 PM TO 5:00 PM


E,MM Gilbert Muniz

Make a unique embellishment with polymer clay that will make your wearable art or art quilt really stand out! It’s a great way to learn the basics of this versatile material.

CLASS PRICE – $35 + MAT FEE – $10 = $45

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for sticking around and riding the
maddening merry-go-round that is my creative process.

This is Inter-Vision, good afternoon.intervision


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