Todd Time

A brief update before we get to Haute Couture week in Paris…


I have a goal. It’s a weird goal, but a goal nonetheless – I would like to own at least one piece from every Todd Oldham fashion show, 1991-1998.

I know. Weird, right? But hear me out.
Oldham’s fall 1992 collection was the first fashion show I ever saw on Style with Elsa Klensch. He was the one that really inspired me to want to design. His clothes always dripped with wit and fun, and that charm has always been a part of the way I design.

I have a few rules for this goal:

1 – Nothing over 30 dollars. Seriously, I’m not kidding myself. These are used clothes, some with flaws, so I see absolutely no point in dropping serious coin for them.

2 – It has to have visual proof that it walked the runway. I know I’m not getting the actual runway sample, but just that it was shown on a runway is good enough for me. This can be still images or video.

3 – No solid pieces without some kind of trade mark embellishment. Oldham was know for his prints and embellishments. Whereas the solid pieces are great, I just feel more connected to the patterned ones.

4 – Times Seven doesn’t count. Times Seven was a line that was geared towards more salable, approachable clothes. They still had wit, but they were never shown on a runway, and therefore, disqualified. (That doesn’t mean that I won’t sill get them if they are cute!)

Having said all that, I already have Spring 1995 crossed off my list when I got this jacket. NOW, I can cross Fall 1992 off my list as I recently obtained this piece:


SQUEEE!!! This piece is wool crepe with wool stripes stitched in a grid. It’s lined in his trademark leopard and set with insanely heavy matte gold buttons. It is in excellent condition. I know, in Manufacturing, the left sleeve’s stripes don’t match, but it’s a small price to pay.

Here it is on the runway:

(If it doesn’t load at the correct time. The time stamp is :04)

You can see it walking away, behind Marpesa in the matching skirt.

I know, this is all so very silly, but these pieces tickle my heart.

Oldham is having a small retrospective of his fashion career at The Rhode Island School of Design in April. I’m hoping they produce a catalog of the pieces, so I can drool.

OK, enough nonsense, I’m rounding up the best and the worst of the current couture season. I’ll post it all in a little while.


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